Tuesday, April 12, 2011

American Lit Essay 4Ab Page 638-643

"Injustce Never Rules Forever" -Seneca.
The jungle is a great Example off injustice not only on around the family but in the work place. While reading The Jungle You find injustice in every page.For example, while they work in the Stockyards they get low pay even though they work a lot. Jurgis nd Ona are new to the city they c-
ame from Lithuania to get a better living out off themselves, But suffering from injustice is not letting them reach where they want to be they work HOURS in the stockyards  for just a low pay a DAY. Injustice takes away anothers rights and causes pain and misery, and its committed just because another person or agency wants to. Ona was forced into prostitution by her bosses and raped, I dont think NOBODY should go thru that because its not right For somebody to do that especially in the work place. Also, Jurgis was injured from his ankle and he still had to work, But jurgis didnt go so they had NO money at all. Nobody should work if there injured why should they? Its not right, Just because they dont owe the place they NEED to go to work, no its not right. Injustice is a lack off respect, and its like nobody cares off what youu think.